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Fiji part I

First installment of our last trip to Fiji.

It was a pain in the ass to get to , not as much as we thought it would be, but it would be nice if someone, somewhere,  before I booked all the tickets and the hotel actually mentioned that you gain a day when traveling to Fiji. So in the end , after booking all the tickets and the hotel, and finding out that my flight actually arrives on the next day of what I thought it would arrive, it cost another arm and a leg to rebook everything.It looked like a flight from hell, JFK to LAX, 23 hour layover, then LAX to Nadi, Nadi to somewhere in Fiji and then finally a last leg of our trip to Savu Savu. However, the 23hr layover in LA turned out to be really nice and relaxing and Pacific Airlines is pretty good, and more importantly on time. You can see the evolution of our planes, unfortunately I couldn’t take a pic of the Americal Airlines Boeing which flew us to LAX.





Once we arrived, to Savu savu, we were picked up by the driver from our resort and after a 10 minute ride we were enjoying piece and tranquility of the small pacific island. The resort, and the topside activities of savu savu will get their separate posts but for now lets just look why we chose Fiji in the first place,  the incredible SCUBA . After all, its a soft coral capital of the world.

Our resort had a scuba center “on premises” and unfortunately, more often then not, these centers are crazy expensive and far from personal. KoroSun dive turned out completely opposite. You can read my review on Tripadvisor.com by clicking here. But just to recap, it was unbelievable, Janine and Collin made us feel like family, no pressure, easy going, very concierge like. Getting our Advanced Open Water certification was fun and relaxing. We left all our dive equipment at the shop only to find it ready to go on-board the boat next day. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Namena because the weather sucked and their boat wasn’t really fit at that time. But, we got to dive the incredible Dreamhouse reef, which is considered the best diving site in Savu Savu.Also, me being me, the ONLY time I saw a hammerhead, I left my camera on the boat. It was incredible seeing this wonderful creature so close, but I have nothing to show for it except my memories :)

Here are some of my non professional pix.












Here are some pictures with locals , you know who you are , but just want to say one more thank you!!! Janine, Colin, Blyh, Isaac and Steven. You guys really made our vacation stand out!




more Fiji to follow

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